Chianti area

The Chianti area is in the heart of Tuscany, between Florence and Siena.

The word Chianti itself is enough to bring to the mind its wonderful landscapes. Gentle hills, valleys of olive groves and vineyards, cypress trees, ancient farmhouses and Medieval villages characterise the Chianti landscape.

But the Chianti, as we know, is not only a delight for the sight, but also for the taste: its wines, famous all over the world, are perfect to combine with the many typical dishes of this area.

All this and much more make Chianti a magical place for its nature, history and customs.

The Chianti area is all to be explored: the streets flanked by tall cypress trees reveal surprises around every corner.

Wine is the diamond point of the Chianti production but among its products there are also the extravirgin olive oil and a lot of typical food products.

And what about the history of this region? Visiting Chianti means following the path of its ancient inhabitants, the Etruscans, and discovering its great artistic heritage preserved in small local museums.