5 creative ideas to use wine corks

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December 13, 2015

Are you Poggio al Bosco wines lovers and your home is full of corks of empty bottles?
If you’re feeling creative we have some suggestions about how to use corks, especially in this period.

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1. Snowflakes for the Christmas tree

If you want to make a nice decoration for your tree, you can use some corks, glue and white colour to realise these wonderful snowflakes!

2. Cork frame

With an old and ugly frame you don’t use anymore you can create a beautiful photo frame to give to someone you love! This kind of craft is also suitable and nice to do for children; maybe they can create a nice gift for grandparents! They will surely love this gift.

3. Christmas tree

If you come to Poggio al Bosco during Christmas holidays you could see little cork trees inside the new wine shop! We suggest you to try this craft, because it’s very easy to make and nice.

4. Coasters

The best way to collect more corks is to use cork coaster for your glass of wine: you drink and have more corks to use for coasters that you use while drinking…it’s a vicious cycle!

These elegant coasters are really nice to give as gift, too.

5. Nativity

For Christmas we realise nativity scenes inside the house, outside the town, everywhere. So what do you think about realise a nativity scene with corks?

So cute!

You don’t have enough corks to try these nice craft ideas? Don’t worry you can buy some bottles here!

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