Curiosities & insights – 3 tips to preserve your bottles of wine

3 tips to preserve your bottles of wine

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March 20, 2023

Who I am

My name is Virginia (Vig for friends). I am a lover of nature, good food, and of course good wine! In 2019, at the end of my university career, I met Elena and the Poggio al Bosco family, with whom I worked for a whole year 💼

Alongside them, I learned to understand how wine is made, the sacrifice of those who take care of the land, and the satisfaction of seeing years of work in a glass. In a short time, I met many people, many tourists who enriched me with different stories from time to time while they were tasting an excellent glass immersed in the Tuscan hills… And so, day after day, my passion for this world grew so much that I can no longer let it go 🍇❤️

For this reason, even today, a few years later, I continue to collaborate with Poggio al Bosco. I am committed to telling anyone around me about the culture of good wine. By following the little tricks I’ll give you, I’m sure drinking a wine glass will always become a different experience that will make you travel to wineries around the world 🍷🌍

The first episode of “Le tips della Vig”

Here below you will find the first tips of the new column “Le tips della Vig”. We start by talking about how to preserve your wine correctly 👇🏻

You should know that wine needs a good place to be stored in order to be in the best condition when opened! The ideal option would be to have a wine cellar which, with its double tempered glass, thermally insulates it and protects it from light, but not all of us have one. How then? 🤔

To store a bottle of wine correctly, you have to take into consideration essentially three aspects, which I will list below 👇🏻

  1. The storage temperature should be medium-low (12-15 C°) and constant (you have to avoid temperature fluctuations as much as possible)
  2. Not all wines follow the same rule: some bottles preserve their original characteristics when stored upright, while others prefer the horizontal position. Always ask the producer!
  3. Bottles should be kept in a dark place away from sunlight because the UV rays can trigger chemical reactions that could harm the wine.

humidity of between 65% and 75% and a slightly ventilated environment complete the ideal location (which is why I suggest you take the bottles out of the box in which you buy them) 📦

This may sound not very easy, but a cellar, a garage (even better if it is underground) or just a storeroom will do fine as a place to preserve your wine bottles 🍾

And do you know how to store the bottles you purchased at Poggio al Bosco? You can write to me via e-mail ( and I will be more than happy to help you resolve any doubts! 😊

See you next month with other useful tips! Cheers 🥂

Virginia Bagni

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