Curiosities & insights – How and when to uncork your bottles of wine

How and when to uncork your bottles of wine

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May 10, 2023

The second episode of “Le tips della Vig”

In the previous article, we talked about how to preserve your bottles of wine. Now I am going to give you useful tips on how and when to uncork your bottles of wine to appreciate every nuance to the fullest 👇🏻

Also in this case, as usually happens in the world of wine, to dictate a standard rule would be impossible because there are so many variations that influence a wine. However, it is still possible to trace a general route to follow. In any case, if you want to be 100% sure, always remember to ask directly the producer about that bottle to avoid mistakes 😉

Now let’s see what tricks to keep in mind depending on the type of wine we’re about to open…

First, let’s distinguish between sparkling wines and still wines. The first ones, due to their characteristic effervescence, must be opened only when about to be tasted. Instead, the second ones require a different timeline based on their age, but most of all on their structure 👇🏻


When to uncork your bottles of wine?

Generally, it is recommended to open younger red winesespecially low-bodied wines, about an hour before the tasting, because they need less time of contact with the air than a more mature and structured vintage, which usually is opened even 2-3 hours before. Therefore it is an aid, in both cases, to allow the aromatic bouquet to express itself fully 🍷💐 

Pay attention: if a wine is very aged, and therefore fragile, it’s better not to overdo it with early opening of the bottle, because there could start oxidative processes that could harm the wine! ⚠️


And what about the decanter? Is it always used? 🤔

It is usually suggested to transfer the wine from a bottle (which must have been put in a vertical position at least 5 hours before) to a decanter, both to separate any sediments and to promote faster oxygenation: once in contact with the air, the molecules react and bind rapidly with oxygen, allowing the wine to release its aroma at its best. At first, the aroma is closed and withdrawn, then it slowly opens up and the harder scents emerge. Over time, it warms up and the spicier notes give way to the more delicate, floral and fruity notes.

Do you know when to open the bottles purchased at Poggio al Bosco?
You can write me by answering this e-mail and I will be more than happy to help you solve any doubts! 😊

See you next month with other valuable tips! Cheers 🥂

Virginia Bagni

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