Our olive oil

The spearhead of the Tuscan flavors’ palette, the extra-virgin olive oil is a genuine product that we are happy to produce year after year. As we do for our vineyards, we take care of the two thousand olive trees that we count in winery’s territories using only natural products allowed by the organic specification to obtain healthy and vivid olive oil.

Our secret? When, in November, the olives reached the right degree of ripeness, we collect them and, once the harvest is complete, we immediately go to the oil mill where the olive oil is extracted at a cold temperature (24 ° – 25 °) to have perfect aromas and flavors. This is how our grandparents taught us and this is the way we are happy to continue to achieve this precious green gold.

Olive trees

Olive grove hectares


Average oil yield

Olives' harvest

Struggle, curiosity and joy were the emotions felt 60 years ago by our grandparents Giovanni and Zelina, Primo and Maria, when they picked the olives with their families. At that time the olives’ harvest took place in November and December, later than now, it was completely handmade and it was often extended even during Christmas holidays. Instead of modern nets, they used simple circular tarps (they were old parachutes) and wooden ladders, that were made by farmers themselves and jute bags.

Mamma Donatella told us how olives were picked here at Poggio al Bosco when she was a child and the olive oil was a true family wealth.

ultima modifica: 2020-05-21T07:42:46+01:00 Il nostro olio extravergine di oliva è contraddistinto da un colore verde intenso e da un profumo avvolgente e marcato di olive appena frante da Roberto Bortolussi
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