FAQ – Wine tastings

1) Is it possible to have lunch or dinner at your winery?

No, here in our cellar you can taste our wines accompanied by bruschetta with our extravirgin olive oils 🍷

2) How can we reach your winery?

The best way to reach our winery is by car or taxi, because there are no public transport stops here nearby. From Florence, for example, you should take a bus towards Tavarnelle (1 h travel) and you should get off at the sports field stop. From there by walk it takes around 20 minutes 🚗

3) Do you organize private tastings?

In low season it happens that very often our tastings are private, but also in high season we can welcome maximum 15 guests at a time, so our wine tastings will never be chaotic and there’s always time to ask questions and to get to know each other better.

4) When are wine tastings organized?

We organize them from Monday to Friday in the opening hours. To book an experience please fill in the fomr you can find at the end of this page or by clicking here and we will answer you as soon as possible 😊

5) Do we have to pay a deposit to confirm our booking?

Yes, we ask for the payment of a deposit. If for any reason you inform us of the cancellation within 48 hours before the experience, the deposit will be refunded in full.

6) Is booking required for the wine tasting? How much time before the date of the experience?

Booking is required for the option of the wine tasting with tour, and for the wine tasting on the patio is suggested because we are a small winery and we have few seats available. For this reason we usually suggest to book in advance, especially in high season when we have more requests and when the number of people is more than 6 😊

7) Is booking needed for the quick tasting in your shop? How far in advance?

In this case booking is not required, especially if you are less than 6 people. However we always appreciate if you write us before you arrival, and for us it will be a pleasure to have you in our shop. You can come to have a taste in the opening hours, and you can choose some bottles to take home or a special gift 🎁

8) Do you offer any room to stay?

No, here at our winery we organize tours through the vineyards and tastings of our wines accompanied with bruschetta and our extravirgin olive oils.

9) What's included in the tour? Is there any cellar visit and explaination of wine production included?

Our tour includes a visit to our vineyards and our olive groves. During the experience you will be told anecdotes and curiosities about wine and olive oil production, and a historical description of our winery. The visit in our cellar with explaination of the phases of wine production is not included, because it would take much more time, and our cellar is often busy with other work. If you may have specific curiosities, you can ask us any question during the experience and we will be really happy to answer 😊

10) What other services are included in the experience?

In the full wine tasting options charge and water are included. Parking area is free and it’s comfortably located in front of our cellar.

11) Is wine tasting accessible for those with reduced mobility?

Of course, our experience is accessible to everyone. The tour of our vineyards has a minimal slope and the tasting takes place on our large patio. Moreover, we have a parking area which is in front of our cellar and very near to our patio 😊

12) Can I bring my children with me? How much does the experience cost for them?

Of course, older and younger can both participate. For more information about the experience for your children click here 👈🏻

13) How does it work for non-drinkers? How much does the experience cost?

Non-drinkers can enjoy the experience as well by tasting our 4 olive oils on bread (both traditional and flavoured olive oils). For the “Welcome in Chianti” experience the cost includes also the tour and it’s 15 € per person, while for the tasting on the patio it’s 10 € per person.

14) Can I bring my 4-legged friends with me? Is there any additional cost?

Of course you can. They can enjoy our vineyards near your table, while you will be tasting our wine and olive oil in relax. The are no additional costs 🐕

15) Is there Wi-Fi connection?

Yes, our Wi-Fi connection is free. If you want to use this service please ask us for the password and we will give it to you 📱

16) At the end of the tasting can I ask for a shipment of your products?

Certainly! We ship worldwide (except to some countries where we cannot ship alcohol), and it will be a pleasure for us to help you customize your box with the products you prefer ✈️

17) Can I make a gift with one of your experiences or a voucher to use on your products? How does it work?

Of course, you can write us on Whatsapp (+39 392 845 5842) or send us an email at info@poggioalbosco.it to make a gift with one of our experiences or a voucher for whoever you desire. We will create a voucher and customize it based on your preferences. Afterwards, we will send you a link to make the payment with a debit /credit card, and then we will send you your gift voucher. For any doubts or questions please contact us 🎁

18) Can we buy directly at your wine shop?

Certainly! At the end of the tasting you can buy the wines your prefer and have a look at other products we have in our shop 🍷

19) Do you offer taxi service?

No, but we can give you some trusted contacts to be brought to our winery. Ask for it in the “Notes” space when you are filling in the booking request form.

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