Nonna Maria’s Fried Zucchini Flowers

Nonna Maria’s fried zucchini flowers

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July 20, 2016

Fried zucchini flowers, “fiori di zucca fritti”, is a typical summer food. We start eating them when it becomes hot enough for our vegetable garden to be full of these beautiful flowers and go on all summer, with our Estroverso.

It’s a simple, traditional dish (originally from the Roman cuisine), and like all of them, there are several versions of the same recipe. Obviously here is the one used by nonna Maria, and for us it’s the best!

350 g fresh zucchini flowers 

100 g flour 00 type
200 ml cold water
Frying seed oil


Wash and clean the zucchini flowers, cutting off the stem. Dry them thoroughly with kitchen paper.
Prepare the batter, mixing the sifted flour with a fork while pouring the cold water little by little. The thicker you make the batter, the more it will stick to your flowers. Gently plunge in the flowers so to cover them evenly.

In a large pan heat the oil, being careful not to heat it too much. Test the temperature by throwing in a bit of batter.
Put the flowers in the warm oil and turn them when they reach a golden colour.
When they are ready drain them and let cool on some kitchen paper.

Eat your fried zucchini flowers while they are still hot, seasoned with salt, and with a bottle of cold Estroverso!

Buon appetito!

ultima modifica: 2016-07-20T10:13:17+01:00 Fried zucchini flowers, "fiori fritti", is a typical summer food. We collect from our garden and we eat them all summer long with our Estroverso. da Elena Boschini

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