Always organic

Our winery has been officially certified organic since 2015 but it operates in this perspective of respect for nature and human health since its early days. For this reason, our vineyards are treated only with copper and sulfur (both allowed by the biological specification) and they are treated and reinforced with natural methods. This trend also continues in the wine production process where chemicals products (like sulphites) are reduced to the minimum level. The authenticity and the naturalness of our wines and our olive oil are the trademark that make us recognizable on the palate of many. 

What does it mean organic?

The organic way follows cultivation techniques that respect the natural life cycles and that minimize the anthropogenic impact. This means for examples that pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, antibiotics and chemical products are severely restricted and that local resources are greatly increased.

Our choice

 Organic farming can combine productivity and environmental protection and the farmers can provides food without toxic residues and rich in flavour, by using techniques such as sovescio that is the sowing of some herbs such as clover, vetch, cress, valerianella or spinach that fertilize the soil and protect it from erosion.

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