DropStop® pour disk

DropStop® pour disk


The DropStop® is an innovative invention.
Danish product, it’s a 7.8 cm diameter disk, in aluminum and plastic that can fit into any bottle’s neck when rolled up. The particular shape of this pour disk is studied to avoid any wine drop to trickle down the bottle.

Exclusively for our clients here’s the personalized version by Poggio al Bosco.


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How to use the DropStop®

  • Roll up the disc
  • Insert the disc into the bottle, leaving approximately half of the disc outside the bottle
  • Pour the wine without spilling a single drop!
  • After use, simply clean the disc under tap water
  • Dry the disc and save it for the next time you want to enjoy a glass of wine.

Stick to these simple guidelines when using your DropStop® for long-lasting, wine-drinking pleasure.


DropStop® was invented in Denmark by Brian Vang Jensen. Asked to pour the red wine at his aunt’s 80th birthday, Brian accidentally spilt several drops onto a beautiful, white embroidered tablecloth.

“I was embarrassed by the incident and couldn’t stop wondering whether there was anything that could be done to prevent spilling wine in this way” says Brian, adding: “A few days after the party, I got an idea for an invention. To begin with I experimented with all sorts of discs cut from various materials, like beer cans and different plastic packaging. Finally, I found a material that had the right flexibility to fit tightly against the inside of the bottle as well as cut the flow so effectively that drops couldn’t form”.

Now anyone could pour wine without spilling a drop. Having come up with the idea, Brian decided to have his invention patented and readied for production. Since its introduction to the Danish gift market, DropStop® has gone on to become a worldwide sales success.

ultima modifica: 2016-07-25T14:59:27+01:00 The DropStop® is an innovative invention. The particular shape of this pour disk is studied to avoid any wine drop to trickle down the bottle. da Elena Boschini
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