Evo oil dressing with truffle –  0,1 lt can

Evo oil dressing with truffle – 0,1 lt can

Our new extra virgin olive oil flavoured with truffle is finally ready 🔎
ultima modifica: 2015-09-14T08:51:15+01:00 Our extra virgin olive flavoured with truffle is perfect with warm bruschetta, fresh pasta tagliolini and Florentine steak. da Elena Boschini

Size: 0,1 lt - 3.38 us fl oz - 3.52 uk fl oz

Olive varieties: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Leccio del Corno, Morcaio, Pendolino, Maurino

Acidity: 0,05 - 0,1 %

Best enjoyed between: 2022/2026

Ideal pairings: Warm bruschetta, fresh pasta tagliolini, Florentine steak

Lorisse's judgment: "It is the best in the world!"


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Organoleptic characteristics

Our extra virgin olive oil stands out for its intense green colour and warm and marked smell of olives just crushed, which recalls the fresh and genuine fruit, harvested at its ideal conditions. The taste is harmonious and full. Its truffle flavouring enriches our Evo oil with an unmistakable aroma, maintaining its peculiar intensity.

The harvest

In a suitable area for climate, altitude and soil type, the hand-picking of the olives begins in mid-October. This olive oil is obtained by cold extraction at 24°- 25°C, with a two-phase continuous cycle crusher. The cultivation techniques are inspired by respect for the environment and the quality of the product.


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