I ❤ Summer box – Tasting package

I ❤ Summer box – Tasting package


In this box you will find:
5 x Lunatico IGT Toscana – Organic white wine
5 x Estroverso IGT toscana – Organic rosè wine
3 x Evo oil dressing with lemon – 0,1 lt can

With this selection you will have the perfect package to enjoy your summer. To enjoy each one in the best way, follow the advice you could find in the individual sheets of the products and you will live a unique experience ❤️

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You can’t help it because…

With this pack you can refresh during your summer days 👇🏻

Lunatico IGT Toscana – Organic white wine: cheese, appetizers, fish, sushi, cheesecake
Estroverso IGT Toscana – Organic rosè wine: shellfish crudités, appetizers, tasty salads, fresh cheese, pizza
Evo oil dressing with lemon: first courses with seafood, fish in foil, delicious summer salads

ultima modifica: 2023-07-21T10:54:29+01:00 With this pack you will have 5 Lunatico, 5 Estroverso and 3 flavoured olive oils with lemon to enjoy your summer meals at their best. da Elena Boschini


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