I ❤ Chianti – Tasting package

I ❤ Chianti – Tasting package


In this box you will find:
3 x Chianti DOCG – Organic red wine
3 x Chianti DOCG Riserva – Red wine

Two different expressions of one of the most famous traditional Tuscan recipes: Chianti presents itself with an intense nose, with marked notes of violet and mint, the Riserva one is characterized by balsamic and tobacco notes.

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Our Chianti respects the original recipe of 1872 when white grape varieties were also used. They characterize the wine with bright and lively color and they were used to make the taste sweeter on the palate.

You can’t help it because…

You will always have the perfect wine to pair with meat and cheeses. Chianti is a wine that can accompany your meals from the start to the finish, balancing flavors in your mouth like few other wines can.

ultima modifica: 2020-06-23T15:30:35+01:00 In this box you will find two different expressions of traditional recipe: 3 Chianti DOCG and 3 Chianti DOCG Reserve. You will always have the perfect... da Elena Boschini


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