Wine tasting with kids

Welcome kids

Your kids are welcome: they will be able to join the tour (if you choose ‘Welcome in Chianti’ experience) and taste our olive oil and our new flavoured olive oils paired with a delicious blueberry fruit juice, very similar to a glass of wine) 😜

Furthermore, they can try the typical Tuscan snack that nonna Maria prepared us every afternoon: bread, water and sugar, really special! 👵🏻

At the end of the tasting, the more gluttonous ones will be able to choose to try some ice cream with our Poggiolata.

What they can do

The older kids can walk barefoot in the garden, play and watch the view, or if they prefer to see their favourite cartoons we have Wi-Fi connection and notebooks to draw and colour 📒

And what about the younger ones? They can appreciate our fig shadow and a light breeze that refreshes our hill also in summer, while you will be tasting wines in relax on the patio 🍃

How much does it cost? For children over 6 years old (and for all those who want juice and a snack) it’s 10 € each, while for little ones the experience it’s free.

If they will choose to try some ice cream with our Poggiolata, it costs 6 € more.

ultima modifica: 2024-01-26T16:44:07+01:00 During your wine tasting kids will be able to draw, try our evo oil and bread with water and sugar that our grandmother Maria always prepared for us. da Elena Boschini
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