Vendemmia 2016 – Day 4 – Sangiovese

Vendemmia 2016 - Giorno 4

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September 26, 2016

Vendemmia 2016 - Giorno 4 - Sangiovese

Vendemmia 2016 – Giorno 4 – Sangiovese

On Saturday we started the harvest of our Sangiovese, the most important grape in our production. 

We harvested approximately 110 quintals of grapes, one third of our Sangiovese. Carefully evaluating the level of ripening, we only harvested the first selection, leaving on the plant the grapes not yet completely ripe. 

The grapes of Sangiovese only went through the destemmer, where the grapes have been separated from the stems and cut. We pumped grapes and liquid in one of the concrete vats of our outdoor cellar and, after 5 hours (before the fermentation started), we extracted the liquid to become our rosè. 

We did this with an old technique called ‘salasso’ (literally drain), consisting in the extraction from the bottom of the vat of 10% of the juice, leaving a smaller ammount of ‘wine’ with the skins. This process increases the concentration of colour and aromas, while blocking the transfer of colour to the rosè. 

The Sangiovese left in the first vat started its process of winemaking: the maceration and the alcoholic fermentation activated with natural yeasts. We started with the pumping-over that will continue for the next two weeks approximately. 

The part we moved out to an other vat will become our Rosè 2016, which having been separated from the skins so early, is now a very bright red liquid. This is how the process of winemaking ‘in bianco’ for our rosè starts: without skins and adding dry ice to block the fermentation and let the sedimentation ‘a freddo’ (at cold temterature) happen. 

Today we have moved the juice for the rosè in another vat to separate it from the sediments deposited on the bottom in the last two days. Using selected natural yeasts we have finally activated the fermentation.

ultima modifica: 2016-09-26T15:52:30+01:00 On Saturday we started the harvest of our Sangiovese, the most important grape in our production. We harvested approximately one third of our Sangiovese. da Elena Boschini

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