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We are really proud to be a complete supply chain even if we are a small winery. Here in Poggio al Bosco we cultivate and we take care of every single grapevine because as our Lorisse says:

Wine is made in the vineyard before that in the cellar!

We exclusively harvest by hand and we follow the vinification step by step up to the final bottling that we personally carry out inside the cellar. By harvesting our grapes manually, we do not only keep the bunches intact until the moment of pressing, but we select the first quality ones that we use for our bottled wines. We have started to bottle the wine since the early 2000s: by that moment we have begun to study and to experiment new recipes to combine the flavors of our tradition with innovative and international tastes.
But don’t think that the other is wasted! With the second choice grapes we produce an easier and lighter red wine to drink daily to delight every palate.

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You can find them only here at our winery and in few selected restaurants, but don’t worry because we ship worldwide.

If you have a restaurant that cares for its wine list and you are searching for unique and quality wines, please contact us and we will be happy to consider a collaboration with you!

Our guests, who come from all over the world, love wines and appreciate a lot to find our wines in their favourite restaurant once they’re back home. By choice, in every city, we work only with one restaurant so as to keep the exclusivity of our proposal 🙂

Our quality certifications: DOCG and IGT

The Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin is an Italian trademark indicating the geographical origin of the wine. The DOCG acronym must be indicated on the label and it consists either on the geographical name of a wine-growing area (for example Chianti, the name of the area between Siena, Florence and Arezzo) or in the combination of the historical name of a product and its production area.

The category of Chianti DOCG includes wines produced in the geographical area of ​​Chianti with a specific production.

The DOCGs are reserved for wines that have already been recognized as a Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) for minimun five years and which have been retained of particular value. Before being put on the market, these wines have to be subject of a preliminary chemical analysis and in a second time of a tasting that certify compliance with the requirements set forth in the specification.

In our winery we produce Chianti DOCG in the classic version and in the reserve version.

If you want to read more, on our blog you will find an article on the history of Chianti.

The Typical Geographical Indication (known as IGT) indicates wines produced according to specific requirements in determinated areas. The IGT certifies an indication of quality and production according to some standards.

IGT is important as it is the first step of the pyramid that separates wine without indication (that are called generic wines) from wine with indication. This category includes wines produced in regions or geographical areas definied by law according to a production specification. In addition to the the color they can also indicate on the label the grape’s variety used and the year of grape harvest.

There are seven of our wine certified as IGT, from white to rosé up to the most important reds.

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