Extra-virgin organic olive oil

Our olive grove at sunset
Our olive grove at sunset

Our Extra-virgin olive oil stands out for its intense green colour and its warm and marked smell of freshly crushed olives, which recalls the fresh and genuine fruit, harvested at its ideal conditions; the taste is harmonious and full.

The farm has chosen to bottle the extra-virgin olive oil without filtering it, after the natural decantation, in order to preserve its natural characteristics.

The Olive-Grove

Variety: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Piangente
Grove: various lots
Grove extension: 3 ha
Soil: stoney (alberese)
Average productiveness: 12-13 %
Average altitude: 360 meters above sea level

The Harvest

The harvest starts at the beginning of November and takes place within a particularly suitable area because of its ideal climate, altitude and type of soil. The olives are harvested by hand at the ideal maturation in order to obtain the perfect smell and taste of the final product.

The extra virgin olive oil is obtained by cold extraction at 24-25° C, with a double-phase continuous cycle olive press.

The fields are cultivated with techniques that respect the environment and the quality of the product.


Acidity: 0,05 – 0,1 %

Freshly harvested olives
Freshly harvested olives